Bubbles, Extended Reality

Artincube Creations is under development in British Columbia, Canada.
Artincube will provide a platform and support for extended reality projects online and in installations, working with artists, historical societies and publishers.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Tla’amin Nation whose traditional territory we work and reside on. We value the opportunity to live, work, learn, and share educational and cultural experiences on this traditional territory.

A collaboration with Townsite Heritage Society (THS) in Powell River, BC is starting in the second half of February 2021. The project aims at creating an augmented reality (AR) app for a heritage and historic tour of Townsite. The project was initiated in late spring 2020 with Joëlle Sevigny, coordinator of THS as a discussion about the pandemic situation and the consequences on tourism and the economy. The city of Powell River is supporting the project through the Townsite Heritage Society. Townsite became a National Historic District in British Columbia as a residential neighbourhood of wood-frame houses built to house the workers of the nearby pulp and paper mill; a very well preserved example of a planned, single-industry town from the first half of the 20th century.
The project will start with the situation of the site before the industry (paper and pulp mill, dam) and town were built, First Nation focused and then on two early sites: Dr. Henderson House and the Patricia Theatre; Dwight Hall will quickly follow and other sites will progressively be added to the tour.
More information will be posted as the work takes shape.

A project about a recorded reality library aimed at providing experiences in the context of care will also be developed and start in the first half of 2021.

Contact us for more information.


Wall of videospheres

The project was born with visualization/coding experiments in 2015-2016 in the realm of 360, XR VR with a lot of shooting, visual experimentations and coding. The web application is designed to manipulate the photospheres and videospheres (360) from a tablet for a multi projection performance.

In August 2016 at Dynamo Arts Association, Vancouver, BC, is the first public performance to display a dynamic relation between human activities and their ecosystems. I created the display as part of a group show with John Cussans and Stephanie Moran. The material was shot on 360 cameras during that summer in BC.

Read more about the show at BC Time-Slip.

The version presented on this page is a non interactive video (the audio can be turned on with the video controls). The interactive version for show and performances can run smoothly on specifically optimized systems, including handheld devices like tablets.


Inside a letterpress